Housing and Sustainability Summit February 8, 2012

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The Housing Summit is hosted by the Suffolk County Planning Commission in conjunction with the Suffolk County Supervisors Association and the Suffolk County Village Officials Association.  It will be held on February 8 from 9:00 am – 3:00 pm at The Wang Center which is located just inside the Main Entrance to the Stony Brook  campus off Nicolls Road.

The day will include presentations and conversations:

-the latest housing statistics

-“Best Ideas” on moving forward including:

-how to determine our housing needs and goals

-what works best in affordable housing

-how to make sure that needed housing supply is spread across the region

-how a developer looks at a potential housing project

-the importance of housing design

-how community land banks can help us meet our housing needs

-application mistakes that slow down the evaluation of housing developments

-Panel discussions:

– what Suffolk’s town supervisors are working to accomplish when it comes to housing

-the perspective of builders, financiers and advocates on where we are and where we need to go

-changing Long Island’s housing composition

-designing an affordable housing policy

-individual housing project issues such as defining “affordable,” how many affordable units should be required, community benefits, etc.

-housing and sustainability


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