Stephen Labate Challenges Congressman Israel’s Claims on Job Creation and Medicare

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Taking note of a statement by Congressman Israel’s spokeswomen in the Newsday article about the Labate candidacy, Stephen Labate challenged his assertion that, while in office his main focus has been to protect Medicare and Social Security and that he has been a positive force for job creation on Long Island.

Labate said, “Like many incumbent members of Congress, Steve Israel seems to say one thing in public and then does the total opposite when he gets to Washington.  The Obama health care law, which Congressman Israel championed and voted for, reduces Medicare funding by $575 billion at a time when 30% more people will enter the program”.  Continuing, Labate stated, “In addition, many doctors are opting not to accept Medicare patients due to the massive cuts to reimbursement rates.  The fact is there is nothing Congressman Israel has done to help Medicare and, in fact, one could argue that he has made it worse”.

Labate, a Republican looking to challenge Israel, a six-term incumbent, pointed out that Israel’s assertion that he has been a positive force for job creation on Long Island is laughable”.  According to the Long Island Association’s Monthly Economic Report for January of 2012, Long Island has experienced the steepest job losses of any labor market in New York State.  While Steve Israel, the chair of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee, has been touring the country in a partisan effort to “turn red seats blue”, he has ignored the failed recovery in his own district.

The candidate cited Congressman Israel as having supported “misguided initiatives that have done nothing to create jobs or stimulate the economy.  From the wasteful and ineffective   stimulus in 2009, to a series of government backed loans for green energy failures like Solyndra, nothing has been accomplished other than the waste of billions in taxpayer money and jobs losses at now defunct companies”.

The candidate concluded that “there’s plenty of blame to go around on all sides of the political spectrum for the problems we face today.  Long Islanders, however, have become disillusioned with the hollow words of incumbents like Steve Israel who claim to be the champion of the middle class and senior citizens yet never follow through in action.  I think Long Islanders are ready for a representative who will offer and promote common sense solutions that will create a better quality of life for all residents of the second congressional district.”

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