More SD 3 Land Potentially Removed From Tax Rolls

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Town Board Public Hearing on Huntington Station Property Acquisition scheduled for March 13th.

The Huntington Town Board has scheduled a public hearing for March 13th, 2012 regarding acquiring 12 Academy Place (known as the Merksamer property) in Huntington Station. According to the Town website, the property in question is 1.06 acres and is contiguous to Gateway Park.  The parcel is slated to be purchased by the Town utilizing EOSPA (Environmental Open Space and Park Advisory) funds.  The cost to acquire the property is undetermined at this time.  A nomination form was submitted to the EOSPA committee by the Town’s Economic Development Corporation (EDC).   According to the Town Board resolution, the land will be utilized to expand Gateway Park.

Currently the land is owned by a private landowner and therefore is presently on the tax rolls.  Once the land is purchased by the Town the land will be taken off the tax rolls thus reducing the amount of taxes collected by the Huntington Union Free School District.  The school district receives about $4631.98 from this parcel.

We recently reported that there was a plan to continue development of high density housing in Huntington Station.  The plan is known as the Huntington Station Transportation Hub Nomination Study.  It was kept a secret by the EDC, which is the agency that is asking the Town Board to acquire this land.  We have recently learned that the $100,000 study will continue at the cost of an additional $250,000.  Residents should pay close attention to properties that are being acquired and assembled in the study area. 12 Academy place falls in this area.

It is our understanding that the Town is in negotiations to acquire several more parcels of land on Alison Court in Huntington Station adjacent to the Jack Abrams School.

The Town Board meeting is scheduled to begin at 7pm on March 13 whereby the public will have an opportunity to speak pertaining to this acquisition.

If you have not taken the time to read the entire Draft Huntington Station Transportation Hub Nomination Study, we strongly urge you to do so.  It will not be the last time you hear about these development plans.

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