11 People Arrested For Last November Shooting At Lincoln Farms

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Suffolk County Police have arrested 11 individuals for shooting 3 individuals at the Lincoln Farms apartment complex last year. On November 27, 2011, three people were sitting in a parked car in front of the apartment complex.  A large group surrounded the vehicle and several shots were fired.  The individuals were arrested on various dates and locations including Huntington, Huntington Station,  Deer Park, Islandia, North Babylon, Pennsylvania and Connecticut.  One individual was reported as homeless.  Another individual was arrested at Walt Whitman High School.

The following is the list of individuals that were arrested:
Jarrett, Kemal -Allentown PA – Age 20
Quinones, Giovanni -Fairfield CT – Age 21
Crowell, Joshua -Deer Park NY – Age 18
Leftenant, Sheldon -Huntington Station – NY Age 20
Guirand,Jean -Huntington Station NY – Age 24
Rivers, Kendron -Huntington Station NY – Age 16
Hernanadez, Luis -Huntington. Station NY – Age 19
Crowell,Walter -Islandia NY – Age 25
Quick, Adrian -Huntington Station NY – Age 18
Reyes, Jesse -Huntington NY – Age 19
Smith, Isaac -Homeless – Age 19

Since the time of the shooting last November the investigation has been ongoing and eventually led to the 11 arrests.  These arrests were made by 10 different police officers.

Total charges against these individuals include 33 felony counts.  All were charged with “Defendant at 123 1st Avenue Huntington Station on or about 11/27 at approx 3:19 with the intent to cause serious physical injury to another person.”  All were charged with 3 counts.

One of the 3 victims who had been shot in November has since been arrested for an unrelated crime.  He was charged with robbing a woman at knife point.


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