Ms. Barbara Sperrazza Named South Huntington Teacher of the Year

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It was a much-anticipated evening as the South Huntington Board of Education and the district’s administrators gave well-deserved recognition and praise to their top teachers during the annual Teacher of the Year celebration. This year, the teacher who will represent South Huntington in the New York State contest is Walt Whitman teacher Ms. Barbara Sperrazza. 
Ms. Sperrazza has been teaching for 32 years and has been a member of Walt Whitman High School’s English Department for the past 10 years. As an educator she has demonstrated commitment and dedication to her students, parents, and colleagues. She is advisor of the Whitman fall drama, co-advisor of the Whitman musical productions, and advisor to the Theater Honor Society. Her student performances are polished and exceptional, and her imprint is inspirational. Ms. Sperrazza is the kind of teacher who makes a lasting impact on her students, as is evidenced by the many graduates who remain in contact with her.  Ms. Sperrazza will be retiring at the end of the school year.
A parent wrote: “Ms. Sperrazza makes personal connections with her students that make them feel appreciated and cared for not just as students, but as whole individuals.” 
A student said: “It is noticeable that she uses not only her skills as a great teacher, but also her tough love as a great woman to keep us students motivated in school, or in any situation. Ms. Sperrazza’s heart must be bigger than North America.”
Principal Ms. Kathleen Acker said that Ms. Sperrazza is a remarkable amalgam of talent, enthusiasm, and sustained dedication, and she is extremely deserving of the honor of Walt Whitman’s and South Huntington’s Teacher of the Year.
The South Huntington Board of Education and the district’s administrators are equally proud of each of our schools’ teacher of the year:
Countrywood Teacher of the Year: Ms. Maria Rodriquez
Oakwood Teacher of the Year: Ms. Rebecca Medina
Birchwood Teacher of the Year: Mr. Paul Kosak
Maplewood Teacher of the Year: Ms. Suzzane Ciccarelli
Silas Wood 6th Grade Center Teacher of the Year: Ms. Tracey Plattner
Stimson Middle School Teacher of the Year: Ms. Karen Schmitt.
Photo above: left to right: Superintendent Dr. Thomas Shea, Walt Whitman Principal Ms. Kathleen Acker, South Huntington and Walt Whitman Teacher of the Year Ms. Barbara Sperrazza, and Board of
 Education President Mr. Jim Kaden
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