Huntington Public Library Trustee Election

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To The Editor:

The library’s budget and trustee candidate hearing on March 20, coupled with the bios and personal statements of the two trustee candidates, make abundantly clear that Paul Ehrlich is hands down the stronger, more qualified candidate.

Mr. Ehrlich, a current board member, is seeking to retain his seat on the library board. The election comes at a critical time.The library faces two defining issues, both of which Mr. Ehrlich is ideally suited to tackle.

First, Mr. Ehrlich brings extensive management and fiscal experience to address the numerous budget problems stemming from the library’s reduced resources.

Second, there is widespread agreement that all libraries, not just Huntington, are fast becoming electronic, media, community resourses: Internet, Blu-Ray,e-books and social media. This growth and direction must be managed efficiently. Mr. Ehrlich, as a former CEO and fiscal officer in a successful technology company, is uniquely qualified to guide this development.

The library is especially fortunate in having a trustee candidate with the knowledge to guide media growth in light of a tight budget made more so by the New York State 2% tax cap on top of escalating retirement and health care costs.

Finally, it is important to note that Mr. Ehrlich does not see trustee responsibility as a political stepping stone. As a long-time Huntington resident, Mr. Ehrlich is seeking election as a public service, a service he is fully prepared to provide.

I am encouraging Huntington residents to review the bios of the two candidates on the Huntington Public Library web site and vote for Mr. Ehrlich on April 3.

Davenport (Mike) Plumer

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