Labate Receives Nomination from Republicans & Conservatives in Nassau

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 Stephen Labate Comments on Receiving the Nomination from both the Republican and Conservative Committees of Nassau County:

I am deeply honored to accept the Nassau County Republican Committee and the Nassau County Conservative Committee nomination to run in Congressional District 3.

 The district may have changed, but the message of my campaign will not. Whether it is Suffolk County, Nassau County or Queens, our common sense approach to government is resonating everywhere I go. As a member of Congress, I will fight not only for lower taxes and the complete repeal of Obamacare, but I will also do all I can to get government out of the way of our small business owners.

 Long Islanders are tired of professional politicians, like six-term incumbent, Congressman Steve Israel, who say one thing in the district and then vote the total opposite way when in Washington.

 The citizen legislator in government will, just as the citizen Soldier has done in war, be the vehicle to bring America back to the heights and greatness we have all been accustomed to. Long Islanders are ready to send a new breed of citizen legislators to Washington that will support pro-growth policies for small business owners, and create an environment where Long Island’s economy can prosper once again.

 We as leaders owe our allegiance first and foremost to the Constitution so the American people can continue to enjoy the freedoms millions fought and died for. It’s for that reason I am running for Congress and why I will win in November!

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