Northport Symphony Orchestra Presents Music Appreciation Program

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 The Northport Symphony Orchestra (NSO) will host a free music appreciation lecture/demonstration that will center on Schubert’s Symphony No. 2. The event will take place on Sunday, April 22, 2012 at 2 p.m. at the Half Hollow Hills Public Library located at 55 Vanderbilt Parkway in Dix Hills.

This lecture/demonstration, conceived and directed by NSO Music Director Richard Hyman, aims to familiarize the audience with an orchestra and to help them understand how composers communicate their ideas through their music. The program will begin with a demonstration of each instrument in the orchestra, followed by a brief lecture, and it will culminate in a performance of the symphony.

“The essence of classical symphonic music is the development of musical ideas. Composers take short ideas, or motives, and present them in different ways in the course of a musical work,” says Hyman. “Our presentation sheds light on some of the melodic techniques used by Franz Schubert to create a sense of unity among the varied movements of his Second Symphony.”

The lecture/demonstration is free, and all who are interested are welcome. For more information, visit the NSO at

The Northport Symphony Orchestra is a community-based organization formed in 2006. Currently the orchestra consists of 40 musicians, ranging in age from teens to 60+, all of whom have auditioned in order to participate. The NSO is under the direction of Richard Hyman. Although the majority of members live in the Town of Huntington, members come from throughout Long Island. For more information please visit

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