Stephen Labate to Israel – “There you go again”

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It was during the 1980 Presidential debates that President Carter stated his support of a national healthcare system and attacked then Governor Reagan by stating that his intent was to destroy Medicare. In reply, the next President of the United States stated in a very dignified manner, “There you go again”.

It’s amazing how history repeats itself. Whether it’s a weak President or a vulnerable member of Congress, the nature of these attacks are meant solely to distract voters from the issues that truly matter.

In August of 2011 Congressman Israel attended a birthday bash and fundraiser for Congressman Charlie Rangel. At that time, Rangel was set to undergo a trial by the House Ethics Committee over 13 different violations related to his personal finances, including allegations that he had failed to report hundreds of thousands of dollars in hidden income and assets. I could try to associate Steve Israel with the ethics violations of Charlie Rangel, but why would I?

Further, I could bringing up Congressman Israel’s significant political contributions to Eric Massa, a former member of Congress who resigned in March 2010 after being accused of sexually harassing a male aide. But again, why would I?

Is either of these items of any interest to my upcoming contest with Steve Israel? Not really, but in a recent e-mail to supporters Congressman Israel attempted to associate me with unfortunate comments made by Allen West.

I was not present when Allen West made the comments being reported, but needless to say I am very disappointed in him for saying them.

The tactics being used by Steve Israel are no different than what President Jimmy Carter attempted in 1980 and the American people punished him for it.

As in the case of President Carter who was trying to hide the failures of his Presidency, Steve Israel is attempting to hide things as well.

He’s trying to hide the fact he voted to cut $780 billion from Medicare.

He is trying to hide the fact the he not only voted for the Obama healthcare law but was a staunch advocate for it.

He is trying to hide from Long Islanders that, at a time when gas prices are at record highs, he voted against the Keystone oil pipeline. The pipeline that would not only have created thousands of new jobs for Americans, but would have also provided a new source of energy for the United States from our long-time friend and ally, Canada.

He is trying to hide from Long Islanders the fact that he has supported the Obama Administration’s radical agenda at every turn and even posted a petition in support of the blatantly Anti-Semitic Occupy Wall Street.

And finally, he is trying to distract Long Islanders from the fact that their six-term member of Congress says one thing when in the district but does the total opposite when in Washington.

I am running for Congress so I can help repair the damaged relationship between small business and government, to protect senior citizens from double talking politicians, to lower taxes and energy costs for all and bring a common sense approach to government.


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2 Responses to Stephen Labate to Israel – “There you go again”

  1. We won’t allow Slacker Steve Israel’s real record to go unnoticed. That is a promise.

    April 13, 2012 10:02 am at 10:02 am

  2. Steve Israel is also hiding the fact that he aligns himself with the vile anti-israel group J Street all the while he pretends to be a hero to the state of Israel. He was the only NY jewish member of Congress to participate in this organization. Even Chuck Schumer had the wisdom to disavow this group. Here’s Steve Israel in his own words:

    Long Island Patriot
    April 13, 2012 3:52 pm at 3:52 pm

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