Letter From Spencer On First 100 Days

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April 17, 2012

Dear Editor,

My first 100 days in office have been extremely busy and very fulfilling! My staff and I have been working on many different public health issues regarding water protection, sewers, pharmacy safety, backflow tester certification and environmental protection, among others. Our focus has also been on public safety in the areas of crime prevention, anti-gang initiatives, improved technology for the police and traffic safety and enforcement. Other important issues that we have worked on include: the Vanderbilt Museum & Planetarium, cultural arts, veterans services, internship opportunities for our youth, and our mentoring program.

In an effort to resolve some of the issues brought to my attention, I have filed legislation regarding the upgrade of the Northport Sewage Treatment Plant, the Vanderbilt Museum and Planetarium, unscrupulous contractors, and a pilot program using ShotSpotter Technology and cameras in Huntington Station. I have sponsored resolutions to increase pharmacy safety, establish a policy to rehire laid-off county employees and appoint several Huntington residents to key boards and commissions. We have written letters to dozens of elected officials, community leaders, business owners and residents to affect change. We are doing what needs to be done to represent you and address your concerns.

There is no doubt that we have been busy, but the most serious item on my agenda this year has been, and will continue to be, the severe budget problems. I am extremely concerned about the fiscal crisis we are facing and in an effort to confront this crisis it appear layoffs will happen. Please understand that I realize that each “layoff” translates to a real person and family in crisis. I give you my solemn promise that I will face each potential lay off decision with care and compassion. I will make sure we prioritize to keep as many employees and essential services as possible. For those residents who find themselves out of work or underemployed, my staff and I are here, every day to provide you with information and support until this financial crisis is over. You are not alone and, while it is a challenging time, we are in this together.

As the year progresses and decisions become more and more difficult, I want to assure the residents of the 18th Legislative District that we are working hard. I will continue to bring your concerns to the attention of my colleagues and County Executive Bellone. In partnership with representatives from both sides of the aisle and in other levels of government, we will continue to work to improve your quality of life, keep vital services and protect your future.

Should you have a concern that needs my attention feel free to attend the next stop on my “Listening Tour” which will be held next Thursday, April 26th at the Suffolk YJCC, 74 Hauppauge Road in Commack from 7:00 – 8:30 p.m.

The first 100 days have been challenging, but I am up to the challenge and remain as committed as ever to fight for you for the next 100 days and beyond. Thank you.


William R. Spencer, M.D.
Suffolk County Legislator
18th Legislative District

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One Response to Letter From Spencer On First 100 Days

  1. Listening tour? My guess is you have to catch this guy on tour to get an answer from him. The STOP Matinecock people have mentioned several times they have been leaving message after message with no return call. Again, I am assuming the phone calls are a moot point since you need to catch him on tour?

    So much for the Huntington Station woes. He hasn’t been seen in those parts since when he was on his campaigning tour. Since then there was a attempted triple murder on Thanksgiving day weekend, and multiple helicopter sightings. Shot spotter has reported 517 shots in 3 months. And now the Huntington Housing Authority which used to run is looking to CLOSE THEIR BOOKS TO THE PUBLIC. That sounds transparent!

    As a 3rd point, this photo was taken at the SPecial Olympics held this last weekend. Many talking heads showed up to take credit for all the non-work they did to make this event a success but did any one of them stay to help with event? Not a damn one! Listen, don’t wear your olympic gear for the cameras if you have no intent of getting down and dirty. And most certainly don’t come in and steal the glory of the real people who made the event successful and special for some VERY special people.

    Thank you SEPTA, School District 3 and all the vendors and volunteers who came and made a REAL difference in peoples lives.

    April 19, 2012 9:00 am at 9:00 am

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