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Congratulations to the students of the Harborfields Central School District who were recognized during the 24th annual Young Artists Juried Photography & Fine Arts Exhibition awards ceremony and reception held on April 23 at the Harborfields Public Library. This annual event, initiated in the 1980s by former Harborfields High School (HHS) art teacher Roy Schwen, has become one of the highlights of the year for the students and faculty of the HHS art department.

This year’s show featured the artwork of 160 Harborfields High School art students (grades 9-12) in a variety of media, including painting, computer art, mixed media, drawing, photography and sculpture.

Also in attendance were Harborfields Superintendent of Schools Diana Todaro, District Director of Music and Art Thomas N. Gellert, HHS Principal Dr. David Bennardo and HHS art department members Jeanie Ritter, Nicholas Maravell, Beth DeVaney and Eileen Shields. In addition, numerous high school art students, parents, and family and friends were in attendance to view this magnificent exhibition showcased in the library’s art gallery.

Congratulations to all of the high school artists whose work was exhibited and to the 2012 Young Artists Juried Photography & Fine Arts Exhibition winners:


Sabrina Amoroso (grade 12)


1st Place: Megan Murray (grade 11)

2nd Place: Kelly Macrae (grade 11)

3rd Place: Meaghan Schumm (grade 11)

Honorable Mention: Maya Perry (grade 12) and Ashley Romanelli (grade 12)


1st Place: Samantha Webb (grade 12)

2nd Place: Morgan Lindsey (grade 10)

3rd Place: Cameron Coneys (grade 12)

Honorable Mention: Georgina Berbari (grade 11)


1st Place: Olivia Long (grade 12)

2nd Place: Erin Morency (grade 12)

3rd Place: Heidi Grammerstorf (grade 11)


1st Place: Pamela Best (grade 9)

2nd Place: Morgan Krush (grade 12)

3rd Place: Nicole Logrieco (grade 9)

Honorable Mention: Jacqueline D’Anneo (grade 12) and Carley Ridini (grade 11)


1st Place: Eliza Greenberg (grade 11)

2nd Place: Kaitlin Adair (grade 12)

3rd Place: Kelly Smith (grade 12)

Honorable Mention: Lior Yaari (grade 11)


1st Place: Austin Coneys (grade 12)

2nd Place: Liam Maaci (grade 10), Giancarlo Montovano (grade 10) and Isaac Walerstein (grade 10)

3rd Place: Carley Ridini (grade 11)

Honorable Mention: Michaela Burkert (grade 11), Kelly Cornell (grade 11), Kasey Krug (grade 11) and Carley Ridini (grade 11)

Story & photo by Alison DeMaria


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