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As you have seen in the past year, I have made several of my priorities come to fruition for the residents of the Town of Huntington.  I have stressed the need for capping our taxes and reducing our spending and debt.  I have worked hard to prevent the over development of Huntington by opposing projects like Avalon Bay in Huntington Station. I have also been supportive of our armed forces and the brave men and women serving abroad in defense of our nation and its ideals, and to supporting them upon their return and re-settlement home.
One priority which has been quite visible recently has been my efforts to promote small business development in Huntington.  Too often, elected leaders proclaim a desire to help grow small business opportunities but in reality they are clueless.  As a small business owner, I am fortunate enough to understand how daunting this task is and how critical it is for a small business to grow and develop so it may prosper into the future.  This is why I have championed the Huntington Small Business Resource and Recovery Center. On May 1st, we held a free small business seminar in cooperation with the Long Island Development Corporation titled “Show Me the Money”  at Huntington Town Hall. Attendance was great and overall we had a very positive response, including our special segment dedicated to helping minority business owners. I’m optimistic for future events and laying the groundwork for more programs to come.





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