Battle Over Matinecock Court Continues

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At a meeting held on Thursday May 17, 2012, the Suffolk County Department of Health Services (SCDOHS) recorded the votes pertaining to the four variances on the proposed on-site sewage treatment facility for the Matinecock Court Development. Two of the variances were rejected and two were approved. The two variances approved were pertaining to the allowable distance between the sewage treatment facility and the LIPA substation parcel and the LIRR property. The approved variance regarding the LIPA substation allows for the installation of a sewage treatment facility from 150 feet down to 25 feet to said substation. The two variances that were not approved minimally changes the scope of the project density. Based upon the two rejected variances the housing development will most likely be reduced by 14 to 18 units, according to Chris Triolo, founder of the Stop Matinecock Court group.

In an additional action made by the SCDOHS, the department went on record stating that additional features need to be added to the proposed sewage treatment facility in order to mitigate some of the environmental concerns including odor and noise. The SCDOHS will release an official statement regarding yesterdays decision within 3-4 weeks.

Mr. Triolo stated that he is disappointed with how the SCDOHS could allow for a variance to be approved regarding placing a STP within 25 feet from a LIPA substation when the existing allowable distance is 150 feet. Mr. Triolo says that this type of approval will set a major precedent in Suffolk County going forward. Mr. Triolo feels that all options are on the table including his organization filing an lawsuit against the SCDOHS determination on the approved variance.

The Huntingtonian will continue to update this story as more information is made available. For more information on the Stop Matinecock Court group please visit or find them on facebook at stopmc.

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