Superintendent of Schools Responds To Fight On School Bus

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 After receiving several phone calls at The Huntingtonian from local parents regarding a fight on a HUFSD bus, we e-mailed Superintendent Jim Polansky for information. Mr. Polansky responded to our request immediately with a phone call.  It was evident from the conversation that he was aware of the situation and addressing it.  The district is taking this matter very seriously, he explained. School district officials are not permitted to discuss specifics with the public.  Mr. Polansky wants to assure parents that he is addressing this situation. 

Below is a letter that was sent home to Woodhull parents.  

Dear Woodhull Parents:

Yesterday (Sunday) morning, an e-mail communication was sent to the Woodhull and district administration describing and providing a video account of an altercation that had occurred on a school bus en route from school to home on Friday afternoon. Please note we have been in contact with our transportation provider, Huntington Coach, with respect to the incident and the driver. The administration has also addressed the matter comprehensively with students on the bus and their parents.

This afternoon, I asked Mrs. Stokkers to gather the entire student body in the gymnasium so that she, Mr. Stein and I could collectively reinforce the importance of not only proper behavior on a bus, but also the importance of taking an active role if they witness something that is not right. In sum, they should not hesitate to alert an adult and should certainly not engage in behavior that can further aggravate such a situation. This behavior includes the inappropriate use of social media sites such as Facebook and YouTube to post video and comments that glorify inappropriate actions.

I remind parents that the service terms for many of these sites declare a minimum age. For example, those under thirteen years of age are not permitted to establish Facebook accounts. Improper or careless postings can worsen a situation significantly or, at the very least, serve to compromise an investigation.

I genuinely appreciate your cooperation and assistance in this regard. I encourage you to contact the administration should you have any further questions.


James W. Polansky

Superintendent of Schools


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