Important Votes At June 19 Town Board Meeting

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According to the 6/19/2012 preliminary agenda provided by the Town of Huntington the following resolutions are included for vote:
2012-310. ENACTMENT: ADOPT Local Law Introductory Number 8-2012, considering Zone Change Application #2012-ZM-390, known as Deshon Partners, LLC, to change the zoning from I-1 Light Industry District to R- 3M Garden Apartment Special District and modifying certain Covenants and Restrictions for the property located on the west side of Deshon Drive, south of Ruland Road, Melville, SCTM#0400-267.00-02.00-012.001, and transferring development rights to said parcel from the property formerly known as Meyers Farm, at the intersection of Round Swamp Road and Old Country Road, Melville, SCTM#0400-253.00-01.00-004.000. For more information click here.
2012-317 ENACTMENT: ADOPT Local Law Introductory Number 5-2012 amending the Code of the Town of Huntington, Chapter 156 (Property Maintenance; Nuisances) Article V, (Other Conditions and Nuisances) Section 156-46 (Excessive Growth of Grass and Weeds Prohibited) by adding: (Regulation of Bamboo). For more information click here.


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