Tips To Help Your Lawn Survive The Summer Heat

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With the warm temperatures we are experiencing, the Irrigation Association of New York is offering five tips to help homeowners maintain their lawns and landscaping, while reducing water consumption at the same time.

  1. Water on odd/even days only, depending on your house number.
  2. Set your automatic timer to water only in the very early morning hours. Watering should be finished before the sun rises.
  3. Do not water during the daytime, due to high evaporation. You need half as much water in the early morning to get the same effect.
  4. Check your sprinkler system, to make sure there are no broken pipes or sprinkler heads. Even a small leak can waste large amounts of water over time and put unwanted demands on the system.
  5. Make sure the irrigation system is adjusted properly, so no water is wasted.

“As reported by the U.S. Geological Survey two years ago, Long Island’s water table was at a record high level,” said Irrigation Association President Dennis Realmuto. “So the problem isn’t the amount of water available, it’s the demand on the water supply system during dry periods.”

Rich Silverman, a past association president, added, “Many people have invested significant amounts of money landscaping their property. If everyone cooperates, people can help the water systems meet the increased demand of summer, without suffering serious damage to that important investment.”

Any homeowner who requires assistance in following these five tips, is urged to consult an Irrigation Association member. A list of members can be found on the association’s Web site.

About the Irrigation Association of New York

The Irrigation Association of New York represents more than 75 businesses from across the state, that subscribe to the principles of professional competence and good business practice in the installation and maintenance of lawn irrigation systems.

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