Multi-Level Parking Garage Coming to Huntington Village?

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No doubt the traffic and parking situation in Huntington Village has significantly worsened over the past few years.  The town board recently formed a Huntington Village Parking Consortium Group.  This group consists of five organizations which include The Town of Huntington Economic Development Corporation (EDC), Huntington Village BID, Huntington Township Chamber of Commerce, Town of Huntington and The Paramount. As part of the examination process this newly formed consortium has retained the services of a parking management planning firm of Nelson Nygaard Consulting Services.  The parking study is expected to cost $39,530.00.  Each of the consortium members will pay $7,906.00 towards the study thus totalling the $39,530.00 amount.

The Town claims that the study is required to meet the growing demand generated by it’s vibrant retail, dining, cultural and entertainment environment and to support future economic growth and strength.  The Town also mentions, within the resolution,  how this study is consistent with the Towns Horizons 2020 Comprehensive  Plan as  “a reexamination of structural solutions whose design and architectural elements can enhance visual appearance and utility and/or replace impervious and environmentally destructive expanses of asphalt with new green space should be considered”.  However upon investigation, the Town only supplied half of the total quote within the resolution.  The entire quote is as follows:

“Parking is abundant at many commercial centers and other destinations throughout the Town. In all areas, the impacts of parking on issues such as traffic circulation, visual character, and environmental quality need to be carefully evaluated. However, in Huntington Village and some of the other older commercial/main street business areas the parking supply is marginal or inadequate. A reexamination of structural solutions whose design and architectural elements can enhance visual appearance and utility and/or replace impervious and environmentally destructive expanses of asphalt with new green space should be considered.”  If this was known in 2008, why not address the problem before bringing in a venue that would clearly add to the parking problem?

The study will look at the economic feasibility of constructing, maintaining and operating a proposed parking structure. With the current state of the parking situation in the village, a parking structure may be a more accepted solution than it would have if it was presented  as a necessary part of the recent zoning changes.  It makes you wonder if this was the plan all along.  This is typical of how the current majority operates.  They make poorly thought out decisions and then the tax payer is forced to accept solutions that they may have otherwise opposed.  Apply that concept to the current Avalon Bay development and the obvious short falls with that zoning change and consider the fact that a multilevel parking garage in our once quaint village will be small potatoes as far as cost and quality of life concerns.

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5 Responses to Multi-Level Parking Garage Coming to Huntington Village?

  1. While Paramount will be the obvious beneficiary of the night time use of a parking garage, I like to look at it as the only solution to a huge parking problem in our village in spite of them!

    Having a parking garage available during the Christmas/holiday season will benefit our small businesses. During our Fall Festival it will relieve some of the congestion for all the visitors coming into town. Parking for both participants and viewers of our larger parades during the year will be right nearby the route!

    Perhaps during the day, owners and employees of businesses can utilize the garage to free up spaces in front of the stores for patrons. Maybe it will be easier to pick up your take-out dinner with more available spaces to park for a minute!

    As long as the structure itself is nicely designed, with some landscaping and security issues considered, I have NO problem with a parking garage tucked away in our village.

    My Town Too
    August 2, 2012 8:51 am at 8:51 am

  2. Mr. Petrone is by careful to act within the law. What he counts on is the average Huntington citizen not paying attention to his schemes. This is why Avalon Bay was rammed through. This is why Walt Whitman Mall is expanding uneccessarily. I implore the editors to continue exposing this man’s agenda. Ultimately, the builders of the garage will coincidentally be on his campaign donation list. And the corruption continues . . .

    August 2, 2012 9:09 am at 9:09 am

  3. Terrific to hear this is finally being considered!
    Regardless of whether it came about in a poorly thought out way or not, the fact remains this is long overdue. There is no reason that a multi-level structure cannot be attractive and functional at the same time. Take a look around at other villages in New York and beyond and I think you’ll find significant value can be added to a community through great design. The lot across from the Post Office is an eyesore for the town where it could be a fantastic use of space with an underground lot with perhaps one level above ground, a small square within it and lots of greenscape. If solar could be incorporated into the design the town could save a lot of money and maybe we could even stop the tax hikes. Just dreaming. 🙂
    I realize change is quite hard for most folks in this town but change doesn’t always mean it’s bad. This is a terrifc opportunity to do something great. Let’s hope it gains traction quickly and isn’t debated for 20 years like many other projects in Huntington.

    August 2, 2012 2:01 pm at 2:01 pm

  4. A parking garage for the village is an absolute necessity and long overdue. It will contribute to the economic growth of the town/village and provide construction jobs for the building trades industry. I think the best location would be at the existing lot on Elm street where a multi-level garage could be integrated into the upward slope of the land and be less obtrusive than other potential sites. The planned study by the consortium is a great example goverment/private partnership.

    August 4, 2012 12:31 pm at 12:31 pm

  5. Petrone has wanted a parking garage for years. Overload the area with traffic (notice political contributions from Paramount?) and voila! Petrone looks like the savior when in fact, he is the exasperater.

    August 10, 2012 8:28 am at 8:28 am

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