6:30-8:30pm Source the Station Members Meetup @ Tri-Cya

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Renaissance Downtowns is holding a “members meet up” meeting at the Tri-Cya Thursday Evening, August 23rd, between 6:30-8:30pm.  According to the “Source The Station” website member meet ups are described in the following manner:

Member Meet Ups: These meetings are to spend time discussing, planning, and learning together. They are designated for Source the Station members because they are to facilitate positive and workable solutions, initiate plans to advance ideas, and to create a core group that will help by volunteering their time with the revitalization efforts.

It is our understanding that this meeting may entail the formation of committees and sub-committees.  This is an opportunity for residents to participate and get involved while Renaissance Downtowns is still in the early planning stages.

Tri-Cya is located in the Big H shopping center, behind Kmart and Motor Vehicles, in Huntington Station.


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