Cardiac Arrest Patient Revived at East Northport School

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On September 5th, 2012, the East Northport Fire Department received an alarm for a male in cardiac arrest. The alarm was at the Trinity Regional School on Fifth Avenue. The patient was a 61-year-old male, who was witnessed going into cardiac arrest by off duty Northport Police Officer Pete Howard and off duty Greenlawn Fire Department ALS (Advanced Life Support) provider Mario Geddes.  Officer Howard assisted in maintaining an airway for the patient and sent a bystander to call 911. He also requested the school’s automatic defibrillator. The schools’ defibrillator was in sight of the patient and was grabbed by off duty MTA Police Lieutenant Alex Lindsay. Officer Howard and the school nurse, Kathy Schildhorn applied the defibrillator pads and shocked the patient three times. After the third shock was delivered the patient gained a rhythm on the defibrillator, became alert and began asking the people who had assisted him questions about what had happened.  The first due East Northport F.D. Emergency Medical Service providers arrived at this time, and found a patient who was post cardiac arrest. The East Northport F.D. ambulance then transported the patient, who was becoming alert and oriented, to Huntington Hospital with ALS capabilities on board.

Photo Credit: Steve Silverman

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