Town of Huntington to Acquire Carpenter Farm

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A 12.5 acre parcel of open space in Greenlawn known as the Carpenter Farm is set to be acquired by the Town of Huntington for a cost not to exceed $2,683,630 dollars.  The parcel is located at 55 Old Field Road right across from the Old Field Middle School.

Initially the parcel was slated to be purchased utilizing combined Town of Huntington and Suffolk County funds. However the County and the property owners could not agree on a closing date that the owner was willing to accept. Therefore the County is no longer part of the transaction. So instead of the town paying for only a portion of the acquisition fees (if Suffolk County were still included in the transaction) the town will now be paying for the entire acquisition cost of $2,683,630.

According to the resolution the parcel will be used for continued agricultural uses, the reconstruction of some of the farm buildings, and activities consistent with a passive park to include the creation of recreational trails and educational/interpretive uses.

The next step is for the Town Attorney’s office to proceed with scheduling a closing date with the property owner’s attorney in order to finalize the transaction.

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