Village of Huntington Bay Monthly Board Meeting Held September 10th

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Mayor Herb Morrow began the meeting updating the Board and the residents present on a number of items. He reported that the restructuring plan passed with the 2012-2013 budget was going well. At the end of the first fiscal quarter two police retirements had occurred and expenses were below projection. The Village has also hired three new part time Police officers.  A third officer is retiring in December.  The Mayor stated that the Village’s Police Chief Ray Hubbs continues the recruiting of additional part time officers and a new full time officer.  The Budget passed by the Board was a three year plan with the objective of a minimum reduction in taxes of 5%.  The second item the Mayor discussed was the implementation of an emergency and police notification program. This phone based alert will notify residents immediately of an emergency or any police alert. Mayor Morrow reported that the phone numbers of all homes in the Village have been included and that the system is ready for use.  Mayor Morrow then announced that Village Attorney Mara Manin had resigned citing personal reasons and commitments.  An appointment of a new Village Attorney is expected to be made by the Mayor in October or November.

Newly appointed Police Commissioner Dom Spada then discussed a new police program in the Village.  “Over the course of the last few months we have received numerous complaints from residents about speeding in the Village and about motorists not stopping at Stop Signs. This is dangerous and someone is going to get hurt”, Spada said. He announced that all residents will be receiving a letter by the end of the week notifying them of increased police monitoring and stepped up enforcement of speed limits and stop signs. The program will also include safety checkpoints from time to time set up at the discretion of Police Chief Hubbs.

Road Commissioner Dennis Gai discussed a number of paving projects to repair and replace sections of road. Temporary pot hole fills will be done on September 17th.  Bids for the more extensive work will go out in September with work to be done immediately. Roads that are expected to be included in the project are Bay Road, Kanes Lane, Bay Avenue and Kaiser Hill.

The Village Board conducted other regularly scheduled business. The Huntington Bay Board of Trustees meets monthly on the second Monday of the month at 730 P.m.  The agenda and public notices can be found on its website.

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