South Huntington Word Quilt Headed to Albany

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As South Huntington’s Silas Wood sixth graders prepared for the visit of Commissioner King, they reviewed videos of his speeches and prior school visits. The students found many refrains and important words that Commissioner King used with great frequency.

Because words have power, the students were asked to illustrate his power words so that they could create a school quilt. The students were then able to “stitch” Dr. King’s words together into a quilt that framed his message. The quilt was such a hit onstage during Dr. King’s visit that Regent Roger Tilles, who was a guest in the audience, requested that it be sent to the office of the Board of Regents, where it will hang for all to enjoy. Congratulations to the art and English class students and their teachers who participated.

Photo: Silas Wood sixth graders are joined by, left to right, Principal Toto, teachers Ms. Stephanie Brown and Ms. Maribeth Hickey, far right, left to right, teacher Ms. Michelle Koslow and Administrative Dean Christy Baralis.

Story & photo by Steve Bartholomew

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