Huntington Station Rainwater Harvesting Garden Construction Begins

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A Rainwater Harvesting Garden is currently being installed at the intersection of New York Avenue and Broadway at the northwest corner of the Long Island Rail Road train station.  The photo depicted at the bottom left is a schematic rendition of the proposed final product. The bottom right photograph depicts the construction activity as of October 25th.

The company awarded the construction contract is The Deck & Patio Company, located off of Broadway in Huntington Station.  According to the company the Rainwater Harvesting Garden collects water as rain flows through permeable decorative pavers. The collected water is cleaned, aerated and recirculated through a waterfall and stream. The cleaned water is then used to irrigate the landscaping within the garden. The pumps that are required to circulate the water are energy efficient variable speed pumps. For more information on the garden please visit the deck and patio website.

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One Response to Huntington Station Rainwater Harvesting Garden Construction Begins

  1. What exciting news, cannot wait to this is complete. Hopefully this is a start to renovate the train station on both sides.

    October 26, 2012 8:57 am at 8:57 am

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