Message From Superintendent Of Highways William Naughton

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(8:30AM, October 29, 2012): William Naughton, Superintendent of Highways for the Town of Huntington would like to remind residents that your safety must come first. Heavy rains and leaves will make the roads very slippery and dangerous. If you must drive, please drive carefully. Keeping the roads clear will be a priority during the storm event.

Damaging winds and flooding are expected. Residents should comply with all warnings and avoid any non-essential travel on the roads during and after the storm. If you have left bagged leaves at the curb side, please move them onto the lawns and away from the roads.

Mr. Naughton stated that, “Town Highway crews have been out since Monday, 5:00AM with manpower and equipment, clearing storm drains from leaves and debris to prevent flooding.”

Safety of the traveling public must come first. Mr. Naughton would like to thank the public for their cooperation and patience while the department works to clear the roads prior to and after the storm.

You can reach the Highway Hotline at 499-0444. Updates will follow as needed.

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