LIPA Power Outages Update– Hurricane Sandy

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As of 9:45pm tonight LIPA has restored electricity to 73% of Huntingtonians. They have brought those numbers down from 92% by storms end. Yet the remaining 27% are going to be quite an issue. With the temperature dropping into the high 30’s tonight many are going to very upset with out their power and heat. We spoke with many people today that have been working on clearing roads, who are responsible for getting electric on and it is going to be a slow haul from here out. Many roads are still impassable and town road crews can not touch any tree or area that has wires down. Today an area that was suppose to be dead came a live while LIPA crews were in the area doing their jobs. Residents are also walking around these same areas. I want our readers to know that what you might think is dead wires may not be. Just because you do not have lights, wires can become live anytime, they can kill you and or a family member. If a neighbor buys a generator and hooks it up wrong he can actual push electricity back into the grid around his home which could make that wire live too. Do not walk in theses areas, do not let you children play in these areas it is dangerous. Now that crews are coming into your neighborhoods and your area, things can change quickly, wires can become live, sometimes crew do not realize it, but they have tools that read voltage from the wires before they touch anything and you do not. Please stay away from any wires until LIPA crews have cleared them.

Township/Village Customers Affected Customers Served Estimated Restoration
HUNTINGTON-Totals 22964 84586 Assessing Condition
ASHAROKEN 29 255 Assessing Condition
CENTERPORT 131 2344 Assessing Condition
COLD SPRING HARBOR 914 2078 Assessing Condition
COMMACK 4948 13174 Assessing Condition
DIX HILLS 4114 8885 Assessing Condition
EAST NORTHPORT 1121 7122 Assessing Condition
EATONS NECK 214 596 Assessing Condition
ELWOOD 839 4023 Assessing Condition
GREENLAWN 589 5085 Assessing Condition
HALESITE 318 1102 Assessing Condition
HUNTINGTON 1976 8350 Assessing Condition
HUNTINGTON BAY 902 994 Assessing Condition
HUNTINGTON STATION 3201 11098 Assessing Condition
LLOYD HARBOR 1311 1430 Assessing Condition
MELVILLE 519 8070 Assessing Condition
NORTHPORT 431 3790 Assessing Condition
SOUTH HUNTINGTON 1128 3939 Assessing Condition
WEST HILLS 279 2251 Assessing Condition
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