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Today November 3rd LIPA took a step backwards in the restoration effort. 2,037 homes lost power. TheHuntingtonian was out around the whole town delivering our Election Edition to over 50 businesses. Some were open and some were not. Usually by this time into a storm the commercial areas and our businesses have been 100% restored, that is not the case and we are 6 days after Sandy. The gas station lines in all of our town were longer then in the 1970’s during the rationing with odd/even days. Back then gas was 23 cents a gallon and because of many explosive problems in the middle east gas doubled to 50 cents a gallon and rationing had to occur. Does that sound familiar? See some pictures for gas lines today and LIPA’s numbers.



























We spoke with this gentlemen, he told us “I have been online since 8am this morning. I filled a couple of gallons for my generator. I live down in Huntington Bay and I am very thankful I have a generator as I would not have any heat or power.” It was 10:30 when we spoke to him. This was the scene all over town today.









Township/Village Customers Affected Customers Served Estimated Restoration
HUNTINGTON 25001 84586 Assessing Condition
ASHAROKEN 29 255 Assessing Condition
CENTERPORT 557 2344 Assessing Condition
COLD SPRING HARBOR 914 2078 Assessing Condition
COMMACK 5558 13174 Assessing Condition
DIX HILLS 4193 8885 Assessing Condition
EAST NORTHPORT 907 7122 Assessing Condition
EATONS NECK 214 596 Assessing Condition
ELWOOD 847 4023 Assessing Condition
GREENLAWN 783 5085 Assessing Condition
HALESITE 318 1102 Assessing Condition
HUNTINGTON 1976 8350 Assessing Condition
HUNTINGTON BAY 902 994 Assessing Condition
HUNTINGTON STATION 3189 11098 Assessing Condition
LLOYD HARBOR 679 1430 Assessing Condition
MELVILLE 798 8070 Assessing Condition
NORTHPORT 1866 3790 Assessing Condition
SOUTH HUNTINGTON 992 3939 Assessing Condition
WEST HILLS 279 2251 Assessing Condition
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