Suffolk County Update – November 9

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American Red Cross Shelters

As of tonight shelters will be open at St. Joseph’s College, Patchogue, and the Village Green Center, Park Avenue, Huntington, which is operated by Town of Huntington for Huntington residents only.  Suffolk County is working with the American Red Cross to transition from shelter operations to temporary housing.

Marshall Tucker Band Crew Members in Mastic Beach Saturday

Marshall Tucker Band crew members will have supplies including 3,000 blankets and a large truck of miscellaneous items to distribute to residents at the Mastic Beach Nutrition Center tomorrow, November 10, 2012 from 10:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.

Temporary Fuel Policy

The new temporary Suffolk County fuel policy that went into effect at 5 a.m. this morning is resulting in shorter lines at the pump.  The temporary policy requires gas stations to sell fuel only to drivers with vehicles bearing license plates that correlate in odd/even terms with the day of the month in accordance with the following requirements:

–         Drivers with license plates ending in an even number will be able to purchase fuel only on even-numbered days and drivers with license plate numbers that end in an odd number will be able to purchase fuel only on odd-numbered days.

–         License plates such as vanity plates that do not display numbers will be considered odd-numbered plates.

–         Out-of-state vehicles will be subject to the same requirements when purchasing fuel in Suffolk County.

–         This policy does not apply to commercial vehicles, taxi or limousine fleets or emergency fleets, nor does it apply to hand held gas canisters.


Ten FEMA community relations teams are visiting storm ravaged neighborhoods in Suffolk County, going door-to-door delivering information vital to recovery and encouraging those residents with damaged property to register with FEMA for assistance. They help refer survivors to the proper resources for any unmet disaster needs.  They do not assess or document damage. FEMA inspectors will contact residents directly after they have registered.

A Disaster Recovery Center is a readily accessible facility or mobile office where applicants can go for information about FEMA or other disaster assistance programs, or for questions related to their case. Suffolk now has five fixed Disaster Recovery Centers in Babylon, Brookhaven, Islip, Smithtown and Riverhead Towns, as well as a mobile unit deployed at various locations, today in Montauk.

Hours of all fixed based DRCs are 9:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. & run seven days. 

FEMA representatives are on hand to assist residents in filling out FEMA applications, answer any questions and provide lists of resources. There are also Small Business representatives, as well as County representatives from the offices of the Department of Health, Economic Development, Labor, Social Services, and Transitional Housing.

H. Lee Dennison – 100 Vet’s Highway, Hauppauge

Islip Town Annex – 400 Main Street, Islip

Lindenhurst Public Library – 1 Lee Street, Lindenhurst

Mastic Beach Rec Center – 15 Herkimer St, Mastic

Suffolk County Center – 300 Center Drive, Riverhead

MOBILE UNIT: Friday 11/9 & Saturday 11/10: East Hampton Town Hall – 159 Pantigo Rd., East Hampton, NY

Countywide Housing Taskforce Established

In collaboration with FEMA, County Executive Bellone has established a Countywide Housing Taskforce that will identify local housing needs for individuals and families impacted by the disaster and coordinate with available housing resources.

FEMA Increases Rental Assistance Subsidy

In addition, as part of the effort to ensure that families and individuals get the support they need, FEMA has increased the amount of rental assistance that it may provide to eligible disaster survivors in New York and New Jersey, including Suffolk County. Rental support, previously based on existing HUD Fair Market Rates (FMR) for fiscal year 2013 has been increased 25 percent. This increased rental subsidy is expected to make additional rental resources in affected areas available for temporary housing for disaster effected families.

Here are the FMR for fiscal year 2013, which are based on family size, along with the increases as per 25% increase announced by FEMA.

1 bedroom: $1,285 increased to $1,606

2 bedroom: $1,583 increased to $1,978

3 bedroom: $2,058 increased to $2,572

4 bedroom: $2,370 increased to $2,962

Important FEMA Information

1-800-621-FEMA (3362)

What Information Do I Need to Apply?

Whether applying online at from your computer or smartphone, or over the phone through a FEMA call center, you should have a pen and paper and the following information ready:

  • Your Social Security number
  • Current and pre-disaster address
  • A telephone number where you can be contacted
  • Insurance information
  • Total household annual income
  • A routing and account number from your bank (only necessary if you want to have disaster assistance funds transferred directly into your bank account) your bank routing number is located on the lower left side of your bank checks immediately before your account number.
  • A description of your losses that were caused by the disaster

After you’ve completed your application for assistance, you will be given a FEMA application number. Write down this number and keep it for future reference.

PLEASE SHARE THIS IMPORTANT MESSAGE: In order to be eligible for FEMA Rental Assistance you must answer “yes” to when asked if you want to relocate. Note, relocation can be many things, including placing a trailer on your own property for temporary housing.

Advisory for Homes Served with Wells

Affected by Floodwaters As a Result of Hurricane Sandy  

The Suffolk County Department of Health Services is advising homeowners who are served with individual private wells affected by floodwaters to have their drinking water tested as soon as practical. The department is concerned these private supplies may have been adversely impacted by bacteria or other contaminants.

 Residents who believe their wells could have been impacted by the flood waters should not use their wells for any purpose, and instead use New York State certified bottled water or an acceptable alternative water source, until they have their well tested by a New York State approved commercial laboratory. A list of approved local laboratories is attached. Evidence of potential well impacts would include flooding of the well, visible evidence of pollutants in the vicinity of the well or notable changes in water quality such as color and odor.

Prior to having their water tested, homeowners are advised to have their wells assessed, repaired, and disinfected by a licensed well driller or other competent professional. If fuel oil contamination is suspected (notable petroleum odor or evidence of petroleum product in close proximity to the well) then petroleum sampling should initially be performed to rule out potential impacts prior to disinfection and bacteriological sampling.

Additional resources may be found at the Suffolk County’s emergency response website, at:

If you have any questions, please call (631) 852-5810 or 852-5789.

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