Community Watch Group Captures Burglar In Huntington Station

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On Monday, November 12, at approximately 2:30 p.m. a resident observed what appeared to be suspicious activity at the home of his neighbor across the street.  An unknown person was at the front door of a home on Osage Drive in a quiet residential neighborhood in Huntington Station.   The unknown male attempted to open the front door. When it failed to open, he was observed walking to the rear of the home.  It just so happens that this neighborhood has an active community watch group and concerned neighbors that look out for one another.

Community watch members went to the rear of the home to see what was happening and they realized they were observing a burglary in progress. The suspect was in the process of entering through a rear window.  One community member yelled and startled the burglar.  The suspect attempted to run from the scene but he was tackled by another neighbor.

Another community member called 911 and the police arrived in approximately 2 minutes. They cuffed and searched the suspect. The police discovered needles and what appeared to be heroin.  The suspect was identified as a 22 year old male from Ronkonkoma.  He was arrested for burglary last month and was free on bail.

Prior to police arriving, the suspect pleaded with the community watch members to let him go. He stated he was a heroin addict and this would put him in jail.  The suspect claimed that he was living in a shelter in Huntington.

There was no one home at the time of the attempted burglary and no items were taken.

For information on how to organize a community watch group contact the 2nd police precinct in Huntington.  (Police do not recommend that residents interact with suspects.  They recommend that community watch members call 911).

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