Petrone Votes a Raise for Himself & Cuts White Collar Union Pay

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Huntington’s white-collar workers union have agreed to a concession package that includes a two year pay freeze, a lag payroll for 2013 and a 10% health insurance contribution in the same budget year that Supervisor Petrone voted himself a $4360.00 pay increase. The approximately 200 member union membership, voted in favor of the concession package in an effort to avert threatened layoff’s.

In a vote at the last town board meeting Councilman Mark Cuthbertson, Councilwoman Susan Berland and Supervisor Frank Petrone voted to give the Supervisors position a raise, while negotiations to freeze the white collar union workers who make around $38,000 annually were in progress.

Councilman Mayoka proposed a resolution to reduce the salaries of the current town board.  Councilman Cook seconded the resolution. The resolution was adamantly rejected by Supervisor Petrone, Councilwoman Berland and Councilman Cuthbertson.

Refering to the new union contract, Newsday quoted Petrone as saying “it’s about shared sacrifice”.

According to Newsday, Petrone stated “When you look at what all the other employees have given over the years from blue collar, to appointees, the electeds, it all averages out in terms of everyone giving,” he said. “What they have agreed to makes it so nobody loses their job. If the contract did not go, there would have been layoffs.”

Yes Supervisor, it is all about sacrifice, so where is yours?

The Supervisor was also quoted in another local newspaper in response to the resolution offered by Councilman Mayoka and seconded by Councilman Cook to cut Town Board salaries by 10%. The Supervisor’s quote is shown below:

“It’s inexcusable and it’s dirty. They should be booted out of office because they’re not representing the taxpayers,” Petrone said.

The white collar union agreement includes a two year wage freeze and a 2.75% percent increase in each of the last three years of the contract. Eligible employees will also receive a step increase at the end of the contract. All members will now contribute 10% into their health care costs starting in 2013. Previously, only members hired after April 7, 2007, were required to pay into health care costs. Members also will forego 10 days of pay in 2013, through a lag payroll program which will be paid out upon retirement. A lag payroll only provides a cost savings for the town for one year. This is known as a “one shot” revenue source that will not help mitigate the town’s multi-year structural deficit.

The concession package will be officially voted on by the Town Board at the December 18th board meeting.





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