Tragedy Shakes School Community at Whitman

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 On December 13, at approximately 9:15 a.m. a male student jumped from a 3rd story window at Whitman High School in the South Huntington School District. The student is a senior.

The school was placed on immediate lock down as a precaution and to assist emergency personnel in dealing with the situation.

The student was transport to Stony Brook University Hospital and his condition is described as critical but stable.

Superintendent Bennardo held a brief press conference yesterday at 3:00.

The Superintendent stated that the student left a note but he had no idea of the contents. “It is now a police matter,”he stated.

Superintendent Bennardo asked that we pray for the family and for students who may have witnessed the incident. Teams of Therapists are available at the school. “We must heal as a community and give space to the family in such a time.” stated the Superintendent.

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