Whitman Wins the Frank Gugliotta Tournament

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The final game was everything you could want. The Whitman Wildcats were up against a tough and disciplined Jericho team who are undefeated in their Nassau League 1 and sport a 6-1 overall record.

Jericho came out strong defensively keeping the Wildcat offense to a 10 point first period. With a 23-10 differential, the beginning of the 2nd period found the Wildcats back on their game, out scoring Jericho by 4 and going into halftime down 26-35.

Whitman Coach Tom Fitzpatrick, who was celebrating his birthday, rallied his team and challenged them to play smarter and more aggressively. As birthday wishes pan out, his team went on a 20-9 scoring blitz in the 3rd period and got ready for the start of the 4th up 46-44.

An evenly matched 4th period had the packed gymnasium on their feet with both teams matching baskets to a final 59-59 tie.

In the 4 minute overtime period, Whitman’s Kieran Elmore scored five of his 13 points, and Allek Hendrickson hit a big three to make it 64-59 with 2:30 left to lead Whitman in the final of the Frank Gugliotta Tournament.

Scoring in Whitman’s win (72-67) came from the following: Bedel Saget-15 points; Allek Hendrickson-14 points; Kieran Elmore-13 points; Travaun Patron-13 points; Kevin Forland- 9 points; KB Bamgbelu-4 points; Savion Black-2 points, and Tom Hughes-2 points.

All-Tournament players for Whitman were Kieran Elmore and Kevin Forland and overall Tournament MVP was Allek Hendrickson.


Story and Photos by Steve Bartholomew

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