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The following were the most widely read stories of 2012 in terms of online page views.

Our most widely read story of 2012 was I Am There Everyday, Strong, Caring and Capable.  It was written by a local teacher. The story discusses the hardship teachers face every year during the budget process.

Here is an excerpt of our number one story of 2012:

My name is Jessica I am a teacher in town.  I was hired by a local district in 2004.  I have taught at two local schools.  I have taught kindergarten, 1st grade, 2nd grade, math support, and reading support.  I love what I do.  And I have been excess-ed three times.

Excess-ed means laid off.  Let go.  It is an embarrassing, crushing experience and my colleagues and I have to face it year after year after year.  We are told not to take it personally, but that feels like an impossible task.  I am here because every time I go through this, I practice a version of this speech in my head.  I feel as though it is time that the board and the community hear it.  I am sure that it is not an easy task to consider terminating people’s employment but maybe if you know first hand what it feels like, you will be motivated even more to try and find alternative solutions to our schools’ financial dilemmas. 

To read the entire story, click here.

#2: Paramount Event Wreaked Havoc On Huntington Village

#3 Car Crashes through Tattoo Lou’s

#4 Scenes From Sandy-Lloyd Harbor, Cold Spring Harbor, Huntington Bay

#5 Lloyd Harbor Man Falls Victim to Hurricane Sandy

#6 Gene Cook Concerned With Town Comptrollers Office

#7 Huntington Firefighters Battle Lloyd Harbor Blaze

#8 The Pawn Shop & The Limestone Statue

#9 Dix Hills Fire Department Rescues Driver Trapped in Crash

#10 Station Lied To Again?

#11 Important Zoning Change Resolution To Be Considered 

#12 Brownfield Plan is Not A Plan After All?

#13 Community Watch Group Captures Burglar In Huntington Station

#14 Supervisor Petrone Votes For CSEA Layoffs, Elimination of Jobs, Increased Fees & A Raise For Himself

#15 11 People Arrested For Last November Shooting At Lincoln Farms


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