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What’s next for Engel Burman & “Seasons at Elwood”? Free trips to Atlantis?

On Thursday, January 3, 2013, the Greater Huntington Civic Group, via the Preserving Elwood Chapter, discovered that the Engel Burman Group is soliciting members of the Huntington area to come speak at Town Hall on Tuesday, January 8th. Engel Burman has applied to the Town, under the subsidiary BK Elwood LLC, to downzone the Oak Tree Dairy Property for the construction of 444 multifamily units. Although we believe strongly in participating in government and speaking at Town Hall, we vehemently disagree with the marketing scheme that is being employed.

On the heels of enlisting the Union Carpenters at the previous Town Hall Meeting, The Seasons at Elwood is now offering vouchers for a free dinner at The Mill Pond Restaurant. Residents will only qualify for the free meal if and only if they “show support” of the Seasons at Elwood at Town Hall Tuesday afternoon. (See Attached Invitation below)

The community was outraged that one of our own local businesses would be used as a pawn in the developer’s chess match with Town Hall. Bribing people to come and speak out is reminiscent of the days of Tammany Hall, when voters would be paid to vote for a certain candidate. One of our community residents reached out to the Mill Pond and it has been confirmed that there is indeed a party booked. Debra McAleese, the Seasons at East Meadow Director of Sales, has a reservation for Tuesday, January 8th, at 5 PM at the Mill Pond Restaurant in Centerport for 63 people at $30 per person.

Many of our residents wanted to organize a peaceful protest outside the Mill Pond Restaurant on Tuesday evening. After much deliberation and investigation of the area, the Executive Board of the Greater Huntington Civic Group decided that this area of 25A could not guarantee the safety of our community members without interfering with one of our local businesses.

Our Mission at the Greater Huntington Civic Group is to maintain the quality of life within our community for all residents and businesses. The actions and tactics of Engel Burman and The Seasons organizations are looking to limit the voice of the truly concerned citizens by “stacking the deck” at Town Hall. The practices of the developer are unethical and immoral. Community residents and the Huntington Town Council cannot, and should not, be bribed, corrupted, or swayed with false and empty promises, or an upscale meal at one of the area’s best restaurants.

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