Update: Huntington Election 2013: Players Currently On The Field

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With the Town and County November elections looming both parties have commenced the screening process. This will prove to be a pivotal year in the Town of Huntington as the Democratic majority on the Town Board is in real jeopardy for the first time in years. Races for the Town Supervisor and two Town Council seats are set for November 5th. Other races this year include the Superintendent of Highways and County Legislative seats that include the 16th, 17th and 18th districts all of which fall within the Town of Huntington.

On the GOP side two screenings have taken place with a third slated for February 27th. The two candidates currently vying for the Supervisor spot are Huntington Bay Mayor Herb Morrow and Huntington Attorney Edmund Smyth. Some have even speculated that Supervisor Petrone would attempt or may have already attempted to receive a Republican cross-endorsement. However according to all relevent GOP sources that will not happen. Two seats are up for re-election for the Huntington Town Council. Those seats are currently held by Councilman Mark Mayoka and Councilman Mark Cuthbertson. Councilman Mark Mayoka has already announced that he will seek a second term. Sources indicate that Mark Cuthbertson has not made up his mind whether or not to run again. The GOP has and will screen a number of candidates to challenge Democratic Councilman Mark Cuthbertson if he chooses to run again. Those candidates include, but are not limited to, Attorney Josh Price from Commack, Huntington Station resident Robert Conte, former Huntington School Board member Elizabeth Black, Lloyd Harbor Village Attorney Mike Brown and former Judge Robert Lifson. Other candidates that have shown interest include Centerport resident Peter Saros and Melville resident Alissa Sue Taff. Ms. Taff is President of the Sweet Hollow Civic Group.

The Democrats are said to have screened for Town Supervisor and the Town Board positions. Even though Supervisor Petrone has announced his intentions to run again other candidates have shown an interest if Petrone changes his mind. It is well known within the democratic ranks that Petrone is vulnerable this year. His growing political weakness has caused infighting within the democratic party. This is something that has not been seen before in recent years. Members of his own party have even indicated to us that Petrone’s policies have now created significant “dents in the armor” within the ranks. Due to the growing concern of a Petrone candicacy other democrats are said to be interested in the Supervisor’s spot. Newsday has even reported that James Gaughran, Chairman of the Suffolk County Water Authority, is being solicited to run by democrats that are not pleased with the Supervisor’s performance. Others indicate to us that Petrone’s presence on the democratic ticket could even have a negative affect on some of the incumbent democratic County Legislators who are up for re-election in 2013 as well.  Businessman Steve Rossetti has shown an interest in the position. Councilwoman Susan Berland and the aforementioned Suffolk County Water Authority Chairman James Gaughran have shown an interest as well, however, sources indicate that neither of the three would primary Petrone if he runs again. Petrone is currently entering his 20th year as Supervisor. On the Town Board side the Democrats are said to be screening Tracy Edwards who ran unsuccessfully in the past for Town Board, Ed Perez and Joe Dujmic who recently lost an election to newly elected Assemblyman Chad Lupinacci.

Highway Superintendent William Naughton has not officially announced his intentions as of yet but it is anticipated that he will run again. Other individuals that expressed interest for the Superintendent of Highways position are Recreation and Parks Director Don McKay and Centerport resident Peter Gunther.

Melville resident and Republican James Martin has screened for the 17th legislative district. That seat is currently held by Democrat Lou Damaro. Cold Spring Harbor School Board member Anthony Paolano has screened for the 18th district which is currently held by Legislator William Spencer. The 16th District legislative seat is currently held by Steve Stern. A screening for that seat has not yet taken place.

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