We Are No Longer Being Governed – We Are Being Ruled

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“One of the penalties for refusing to participate in politics is that you end up being governed by your inferiors.”  – Plato

 Let me get this straight:

After a couple of years of collecting a government paycheck, the DA, Sheriff and County Clerk decide that the people they serve no longer have the right to restrict them to three terms in office and then (without shame) use their campaign money in an attempt to overturn the 1993 referendum.

They claim that they are actually ‘state’ officials and the fact that they serve a county function, receive county salaries and are elected by county residents is just a coincidence.

After the Suffolk legislature hires a politically connected patsy for its defense, it mysteriously refuses to appeal the judge’s decision which overturned a 20 year old referendum, laughably citing “budget” constraints.

During all this:

Albany and the Cuomo administration are nowhere to be found.

The U.S. Justice Department refuses to intervene.

Not one political leader voices any concern.

Then, on cue, both major parties cross endorse the Gang of Three, thereby making the election process a farce.

Now, it seems:

We are no longer being governed.

We are being ruled.

And, Suffolk County has become the banana republic it has always strived to become.

Now, I get it.

By Peter Nichols
Melville Resident

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