Huntington Wins 19 Best In Show Awards at LI Media Arts Show


By Alexis Weitzner

By Alexis Weitzner

Huntington High School art students were sensational in the Long Island Media Arts show at Five Towns College in Dix Hills, winning 19 Best in Show Awards.

The amazing performance is impressive considering the event drew about 700 entries from about three dozen Nassau and Suffolk high schools. The Huntington students are enrolled in courses taught by Pam Piffard (photography), Heather Swan (video and animation) and Kasmira Mohanty (graphic arts).

“Huntington’s work always stands out as being so professional, creative and a step above,” said Joan R. Fretz, district director of fine and performing arts.

In the photography category, Huntington High School students collected 11 Best in Show awards, including two each by talented artists Zachary Burden, Molly Prep and Nikki Smoot. Scout Ziegler, Nicole Giambrone, Michelle Pechar, Emily Coleman and Caroline Coffey also won Best in Show awards.

By Emily Coleman

By Emily Coleman

The teenagers enjoyed their experience at the show. “It was a lot of fun,” Ms. Pechar said. “I saw a lot of different styles and talented work.”

Ms. Smoot utilized the modeling services of classmate Sydney Andree, who appeared in both Best in Show Award photos. “I attended the show during school,” Ms. Smoot said. “A select group of kids from the media arts and photography programs were asked to attend. We were able to display 6-10 of our pieces for artists to come around and critique. We got helpful advice about our work.”

The annual show provides student-artists with valuable feedback and can be thrilling for the award winners. “The Long Island Media Arts show was an amazing experience,” Ms. Coleman said. “It was really helpful to have all the different artists critique my work and share their input. Receiving a Best in Show Award was truly incredible.”

Ms. Giambrone was pumped about winning honors and being involved in the show. “The show was an amazing experience and a lot of fun,” she said. “I enjoyed walking around and seeing amazing artwork. I also appreciated my work being critiqued. It allowed me to see my work from another person’s view. I am truly honored to have a won a Best in Show Award because not everyone wins Best in Show. It made me feel good about my work. The Long Island Media Arts Show was an amazing experience and I am very happy to have participated in it.

“It is always a great experience to be recognized,” Ms. Piffard said. “Nineteen Best in Show awards show just how creative and talented our students truly are. It is a testament to all their hard work.”

Huntington’s aspiring filmmakers won four Best in Show Awards including one each for Daniel Moya and Hailey Treanor and two for Samantha Carroll. “I am so excited with the quality of work the students are producing this year,” Mrs. Swan said. “All the students’ work was exceptional.”

By Michelle Pechar

By Michelle Pechar

This year’s video category drew 90 entries from 23 high schools. “It is a great honor to have been awarded a Best in Show my senior year and I wholeheartedly share it with everyone who helped make ‘He Says, She Says’ a reality,” Mr. Moya said about his award winning film. “It is not just my recognition; it is the extraordinary teams’ as well.”

Huntington’s graphic artists shined, too, as Julianna Barca, Alexis Weitzner and Anna Garfinkel won Best in Show honors. “I always enjoy going to the Long Island Media Arts Show because the suggestions that the judges give are very beneficial and help me to improve my work,” Ms. Weitzner said.

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