Meet The BOE Candidates – Deniqua Crichlow (Huntington)

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Deniqua Crichlow was born and raised in Huntington. A 1995 graduate of Friends Academy, she holds a bachelor’s degree and a Master of Industrial & Labor Relations both from Cornell University.

Deniqua is a Human Resources (HR) professional with a background in higher education administration.  She has experience in employee & labor relations, negotiations, executive coaching, and diversity management. Under her leadership, Cornell’s MBA Office of Diversity and Inclusion received the Brillante Award for Educational Excellence from the National Society of Hispanic MBAs.  Deniqua currently works for GE in Global HR Operations.

Leveraging her professional experience on the receiving end of the K-12 talent pipeline at a university, as well as in corporate, Deniqua hopes to bring a fresh perspective to complement the existing HUFSD leadership team.

In each community she has lived in Deniqua has been a passionate volunteer for public education. She served on the steering committee as a school district liaison for The Village at Ithaca, a community organization dedicated to improving the success of under-performing students.  Since returning to Huntington, she has volunteered her time mentoring a high school senior through the college application process.

Deniqua lives in Huntington Station with her 10-month-old daughter, Amaya. 


1.) Proposed STEM program – I am very excited about this excellent initiative.  With professional experience in higher education administration, coupled with HR experience, I have worked at two receiving ends of the K-12 talent pipeline. So as we focus on college and career readiness for Huntington students I bring an intimate familiarity with the standards to which our students will be held. I would use this knowledge to help enhance our programs and initiatives.

2.) Achievement gaps identified under ESEA – In Huntington, we have a tremendous opportunity to leverage the rich diversity of our community.  With expertise as a diversity professional in higher education, I have experienced the challenges presented by low representation of several subgroups due to underperformance that starts at the K-12 level. I have previously served on the steering committee (Ithaca, NY school district liaison) for a community organization dedicated to closing the achievement gap for diverse students.  I would love to bring this insight to the HUFSD team.

3.) Tough Fiscal Environment – As the Director of Diversity and Inclusion for Cornell’s MBA program, I was responsible for driving change on a very limited budget – I fundraised to pay my staff’s salaries. It was in that financial environment that the office was recognized with the NSHMBA Brillante Award for Educational Excellence. I would like to add my creative approach to leverage all resources available to us to ensure that Huntington children continue to enjoy educational excellence.

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