Feasibility Study Granted For Local Business

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Source The StationTwo local entrepreneurs have achieved the next step in opening up their dream business. Because of overwhelming votes and support two individuals Lona Graepel and Regina Dlugokenscky have secured a Feasibility Study for their idea of the Year-Round Public Market and Kitchen Incubator Space in Source the Station’s retail campaign. The idea includes: an indoor year-round public market, a commercial-kitchen incubator space and a rooftop farm. The feasibility study will tell Ms. Graepel and Ms. Dlugokenscky if, and how could this business work. It will allow them to formulate a business model that fits the community and structure of Huntington Station through a study done by Kennedy Smith from the Clue Group. Congratulations to all of our members for helping these entrepreneurs move closer to their dream business!

If you know of an entrepreneur or have an idea for Huntington Station, please contact Source The Station.

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