Local History Comes To Life At Cold Spring Harbor Whaling Museum

CSH Whaling Museum

Photo right: Cold Spring Harbor Whaling Museum Director of Education Nomi Dayan with Assemblyman Chad Lupinacci.

Assemblyman Chad Lupinacci recently toured the Cold Spring Harbor Whaling Museum, a local museum highlighting the ways the sea has been woven into Long Island’s culture. The collection includes New York State’s only fully-equipped 19th Century whaleboat with original gear, and one of the most notable scrimshaw collections in the northeast.

“Nomi and everyone at the museum put on a spectacular tour that highlighted Cold Spring Harbor’s history and the important impact that whaling had on Long Island’s development,” said Lupinacci. “Long Island’s development and culture have always been tremendously influenced by its connection to the sea and seafaring people, and the museum presents this history in an insightful and educational way. The museum is certainly a great place to take the kids this summer to learn a little about our community’s history.”

The Cold Spring Harbor Whaling Museum’s archival holdings of 6,000 artifacts document the whaling and general maritime history both of Cold Spring Harbor and Long Island. Each year, over 12,000 school children explore the museum’s innovative education programs. For more information on the Cold Spring Harbor Whaling Museum, visit www.cshwhalingmuseum.org.

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