“Carnivores in Captivity” Presentation

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Carnivores In Cap

They lure insects into death traps, then gorge on their flesh. Is that any way for a plant to behave?
Sure, if the plant is of the carnivorous variety made famous by the  Broadway play and movie, Little Shop of Horrors.
Meet these plants up close at a presentation by Eric Kunz of Seemore Gardens, Long Island’s only certified grower of these amazing endangered plants. They are the “canary in the coal mine” for water quality, unable to grow if water is polluted.

Carnivores In Cap 2Presentation, “Carnivores in Captivity”

Gateway Park Community Garden, Lowndes & NY Avenues, Huntington Station
Saturday, July 27 at 5PM
Admission: Free
Plants available for purchase.
Sponsored by Long Island Community Agriculture Network, fiscally sponsored by the Open Space Institute, a 501 C3 not-for-profit.

More information:  Contact Frances Whittelsey, 631 271-1945

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