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Your article about the upcoming Town elections was excellent, but it only tells half the story.  Republican candidate Robert Lifson stated that he is running because he doesn’t believe that the GOP designee, Councilman Eugene Cook, has the skills to be Supervisor.

I find this disingenuous since it was Mr. Lifson (as former GOP Chair in the 1980’s) who nominated and supported Jack O’Neil for Supervisor.  Mr. O’Neil won the race, and yet his only qualification was being a retired NYC cop.  Mr. Cook, on the other hand, is a skilled entrepreneur who started a small repair business and built it into a multi-million dollar firm that now employs dozens of people, and has construction contracts all over Long Island.

Lastly, you reported that Mr. Lifson’s primary petitions were garnered by Mr. Petrone’s staff and their families at Town Hall.  It has also been reported that Mr. Lifson’s nephew Brian Lifson was recently hired by the Town.  This smacks of a quid-pro-quo, and needs to be further explored by the Huntingtonian so the public knows the full extent of this arrangement.

Yours truly,

Robert Henneborn

Editor’s Note: John O’Neil was Huntington Town Supervisor in the 1980’s.

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