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TildenFor more than 75 years, Tilden Car Care Center has been servicing cars throughout Huntington and beyond. They have a large and loyal customer base that won’t consider taking their cars anywhere else.   If you ask their many customers what they love about Tilden Car Care they will tell you, “They feature trained mechanics who know your car or truck. They use brand-name parts to ensure that everything runs smoothly. They include a warranty that ensures that you can get repair work performed at any of their locations across the country.”  Customers also appreciate that they know who is working on their car. “You will see the same mechanics each time you come,” expressed one customer.

On July 26, 2013, their facility located at at 800 New York Avenue in Huntington had a devastating fire.  The heavy volume of fire compromised the roof and numerous autos inside the shop. The electric lines feeding the building burned through, sending live wires to the ground and hindering firefighting operations. Over 80 firefighters using 12 trucks from the three departments battled the blaze. By the time firefighters declared the fire under control a  total of six cars and the building were destroyed in the blaze.

The owner explained that part of their success is due to the fact that they like to educate their customers. He continued, “With that in mind, we allow customers into the bay so that the mechanic can show what he is doing and what he plans to do to correct the problem. Nothing is hidden from our customers. No nasty surprises. Our customer’s time is valuable and we know that. So, they can bring their car to us in the morning, and it will be ready for them that night.”

One loyal customer Caroline Potter said, “My husband and I have been taking all our cars, from daily drivers to forty-year-old classics, to Tilden for more than 15 years. Tom and his staff have always steered us right, from helping us save money whenever possible to advising us when purchasing vehicles. We would be lost without their expertise and kindness.”

When customer Andrew Kanzer was asked why he is loyal to Tilden he said, ” Friendly, reliable and trustworthy…Tom and his team have been taking care of our cars for over 10 years. I wouldn’t go anywhere else.”

Tilden wants you to know that they are OPEN and have a working office on site at 800 New Avenue in Huntington. Just bring your car in and they will service you as normal.

Tom wants to thank everyone for their support during this difficult time. He is offering a 15% Discount to Emergency workers as a thank-you.  Any emergency worker who shows their badge will get a 15% discount. Seniors always get a 10% discount.

We received numerous requests from Tilden’s customers asking us to help spread the word that they are the best around.  The outpouring of support that Tilden received after the fire speaks volumes about the service this company provides.

Call Tilden for an appointment at 631-423-0200.  They are located across from the BIG H shopping center (Home Depot, K-mart) in Huntington.

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