The Statue of Nathan Hale on Display

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Town Clerk Jo-Ann Raia is pleased to announce that the statue of Nathan Hale will be on display in the lobby of Town Hall, across from the Town Clerk’s Office, for the month of September, Monday through Friday, during business hours.

“We display the statue twice a year, in July to celebrate Independence Day and in September to honor the anniversary of the death of Nathan Hale.” said  Ms.Raia.

The Huntington Town Clerk’s Archives houses a 28” bronze statue of Nathan Hale created by artist Frederick MacMonnies, Ca.1890. The statue was donated to the Town of Huntington in 1919, by the artist’s wife Alice. It was consigned to the Town Clerk’s office in 1976 and in 1998 it became part of the Archives holdings.

A pamphlet on the life and death of Nathan Hale has also been developed using documents housed in the Archives. 

The purpose of the Archives is to collect, preserve and provide access to the permanent records generated by the various departments of Town Hall.

For further information please contact or call 351-3216.

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