Harborfields Students Learn ‘It Can Wait’

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By Beth Izzo

Students from Harborfields High School learned that “it can wait” on Sept. 13 as Suffolk County Legislator William Spencer held a press conference at the school to discuss the dangers of texting and driving in conjunction with AT&T’s “It Can Wait” program. Flanked by school officials, area first responders, and representatives from AT&T and the Suffolk County Board of Health, Legislator Spencer outlined the dangers of texting and driving and the importance of the “It Can Wait” campaign. “We are sending a loud and clear message which can hopefully save a lot of lives,” he said. “The reason this campaign is so important for high school students is that sometimes there is a sense of ‘it can’t happen to me.’ We can let our students know that we are all susceptible. I thank the Harborfields Central School District for its continuation of this awareness campaign. The district realizes that it’s all about protecting our children.”

As part of the afternoon’s events, selected students were able to see for themselves just how dangerous texting and driving can be. They had the opportunity to drive in a high-tech driving simulator, through which they experienced how difficult it is to drive while texting. “It was very hard to focus,” said Harborfields senior Sam Axelrod. “I was driving on the wrong side of the road and didn’t realize it. I crashed a little while later.” Fellow student Kristen Kelly added, “It’s just not worth it to send a text while driving.”

This is the second year that Harborfields High School has participated in the “It Can Wait” campaign. The school, like last year, will continue to host events throughout the year to emphasize the dangers and tragic consequences that texting and driving can have.

Harborfields It Can Wait

Photo above: Suffolk County Legislator William Spencer discusses the dangers of texting and driving during a special press conference outside of Harborfields High School.

Harborfields It Can Wait 2



Photo left: Harborfields High School Principal Dr. Rory Manning noted how honored the school is to participate in the “It Can Wait” campaign for the second year.



Photo below: Harborfields High School senior Sam Axelrod drives in the high-tech simulator to see how dangerous texting and driving can be.

Harborfields It Can Wait 3



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