County Executive Bellone Urges Suffolk County Residents to Donate Blood Now

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Due multiple calendar hurdles, lower than normal donor turnout, plus high demand from area hospitals, our community blood supply has been reduced to critical levels – notably less than a one-day supply of O-negative “universal donor” blood, which can be transfused into anyone in trauma situations when there is no time for blood typing.  In addition, types B-negative and A-negative are also very low.

“I encourage anyone who is capable of giving blood to please do so as soon as possible,” said County Executive Bellone.  “Our are blood supply is extremely low and it is imperative that we do all we can to increase the supply to help save lives.  Suffolk County employees are very active in donating blood and I am asking for all Suffolk County residents to consider this life saving opportunity.”

To make up for the shortfall as quickly as possible, New York Blood Center has a wide variety of donor centers and blood drives open this week.

A complete list of available locations is available online at

Operators are standing by to help donors with appointments at 1-800-933-BLOOD (2566).

Each and every day there are patients who depend on the transfusion of red blood cells, platelets and plasma to stay alive – including those with cancer, leukemia, and victims of auto crashes and other traumas.  But blood and blood products can’t be manufactured. They can only come from volunteer blood donors who take an hour to attend a blood drive or visit a donor center.

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