Local Huntington Dems are About to Hit an All Time Low

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At 1:00 today, there will be a press conference asking Candidate Eugene Cook to step down from his candidacy as Huntington Town Supervisor.

Based on polls, it is likely that Councilman Cook will take over as Supervisor after the November elections.  This has caused panic among those that are profiting greatly by the Petrone and Cuthbertson administration.  Since they have no record to run on and many issues have been exposed recently, they have resorted to fabricated attacks.  They have taken a statement out of context and are running with it.  It is low to make campaign literature that is misleading, but unfortunately that is typical in political games.

What is going to take place today is not typical and will more than likely backfire.  They are pretending to care about gun violence in an attempt to make their political opponent look bad.  What they are actually doing is making a game out of a serious issue.

This press release below was sent out sometime yesterday.  The Huntingtonian was not included on the list of media that received it.  It was sent by Eric Rotondi who according to his Linkedin profile, ran more than 86 county & town campaigns including the campaign for Current County Executive Steve Bellone.

What we have been told by several sources is that those who organized this are hoping that supporters of Gene Cook show up and get rowdy.  Then it will be manipulated by media who are in bed with this administration.  We at the Huntingtonian hold out hope that residents are too smart to fall for this and they see the desperation behind it.  We also hold out hope that the media who cover it, think about their integrity and call this for what it is.

Below is the press release:



Eric Rotondi



Huntington Residents Will Call On Councilman Cook To End His Candidacy for Town Supervisor

What: Former Suffolk County Legislator from the 17th Legislative District Jane Devine, who was witness to the 1979 hostage situation at Huntington Town Hall, will be joined by dozens of mothers, teachers and local gun control advocates on the steps of Huntington Town Hall to call on Councilman Eugene Cook to end his candidacy for Town Supervisor.  This comes after Councilman Cook’s reckless comments about wanting to bring a gun to Town Hall to solve his issues became public.

Councilman Cook made these reckless and irresponsible comments at a Tea Party rally just 18 days after Representative Gabby Gifford and 17 others were shot, 6 of them fatally, in Tucson, Arizona.

Former Legislator Devine, who served from 1978-1987, will tell her account of the Oct 11th, 1979 hostage situation where a resident stormed Huntington Town Hall with a shotgun, taking nine Town Clerk employees hostage, because he thought it would be easier to use a gun to solve his issues.

When: Wednesday, October 9th 2013 at 1:00pm EST

Where: Steps of Huntington Town Hall, 100 Main Street Huntington, NY##

Eric Rotondi

The comments were not made at a Tea Party rally.  Gene Cook was a guest speaker at a CSA meeting.  Here is the link to the video that they are referring to.

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