Letter To The Editor In Support of 17th Legislative District Candidate Jim Martin

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Dear Friend and Neighbor,

I am Diane Martin, wife of Jim Martin who is seeking to become our next Suffolk County Legislator in the 17th district.

Jim and I have been married for 20 years and together for over 25.  He is a wonderful husband and father to our three sons, but that is not all.  Jim is a wonderful provider, innovative, smart, has great common sense and business mind.

For those who know him, he is most highly regarded and considered.  Often I have heard from others or have been asked by individuals “what does Jim think?” or “what does Jim have to say about this?”

When my husband started expressing to me his interest in public service I wasn’t surprised.  He has been frustrated with things he reads and hears in local politics.  Typically, he says to me they should be doing this or that or the other.  Now he wants to be a part of the “they” and start to make the VERY needed changes to Suffolk County.

My husband is so engaged to this process and making a difference that he has personally knocked on hundreds of doors in the district to introduce himself and hopefully get those votes.  Listening to him talk about the people he has met and their problems, he is more determined than ever to make a difference if he is selected by you the voters as legislator

It is because of my heartfelt belief and common sense knowledge that I write to you for support of my husband.  For those of us living in Babylon and Huntington, we have a real opportunity to choose a new leader with outstanding judgment, good common-sense, and unquestionable integrity.

When you ask Jim about his top issues, he’ll tell you that getting jobs and businesses back to Long Island is number one.  But, fiscal accountability and improving quality of life on Long Island are also on the top of his list.  Jim believes that county government should work for us not against us.  He is specifically making these items his top priority:

ü  Improving accountability and transparency within county government

ü  Reforming the budget so vital services are maintained and our debt is finally reduced

ü  Working to lower the cost of living

ü  Reviving the business climate so we can grow local jobs

ü  Ending hidden tax and fee increases

ü  Working to make electric power dependable and accountable to Long Islanders not Albany

Jim knows first-hand how difficult this economy is for the business community.  That’s why he is committed to streamlining regulations and the permit process which will make our county economically, more competitive with our neighboring counties and attractive to corporations looking to bring their business to Long Island.  This will help our area business thrive once again and put a lot of our neighbors back to work.

I am the farthest thing from a politician; a working wife and mother raising our family.  I am probably more like you.  My husband is looking to be the change agent needed here on Long Island.

Your support is very important to Jim and I.  Before you decide and vote on November 5th you need to know what kind of legislator he will be.  Jim will take on the job of representing you by giving his new job every ounce of commitment he possesses.  Just like he does for our family, he will do for yours.

I’ve told you about Jim Martin and why I believe he’ll be an outstanding Suffolk County legislator.  If he’s fortunate enough to have earned your vote in the General Election on Tuesday November 5th you will not be disappointed in his leadership and direction for Suffolk County.  You will be making the correct choice, I promise.

Please join me in voting for Jim Martin as our next Suffolk County legislator.  He’ll make Long Island a better place to live.

 Very sincerely yours,

 Diane Martin


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