Public Hearing Scheduled To Include Hotels In Zoning Code

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Renaissance Downtowns, who is the master developer for Huntington Station, produced a development strategy that was approved by the town board on June 4, 2013. According to Renaissance, the strategy identified a number of land uses that people from the community would like to see in Huntington Station. Renaissance claims that hotels are the only use that has been identified by the community as something they would like to see in Huntington Station and is not currently permitted in the Huntington Station Overlay District.

Renaissance feels that a boutique hotel would be suited for this area and they are considering building one next to the community first aid squad in Huntington Station. The hotel concept is currently envisioned at the southwest corner of Railroad Avenue and New York Avenue which is currently commuter parking lots.

A Boutique hotel is a term usually used to describe hotels which contain luxury facilities with full service accommodations and are furnished in a stylish manner. They are typically found in major cities like London, New York, and San Francisco or islands, mountains or resort destinations. Often boutique hotels have on-site dining facilities, bars and lounges that may also be open to the general public. They are somewhat similar to the concept of a bed and breakfast.  At this point, there are no specific plans for what the Huntington Station boutique hotel will look like or what it will include.

Renaissance says they are interested in completing this project because they feel it will have numerous benefits to the community and the community has asked for it. They claim that at various meet ups community members discussed the need for a place for their family members, friends and visitors to stay when they come to town and for a community gathering space for special events.

Renaissance feels this addresses the lack of hospitality facilities in the area and could meet the needs of visitors, Paramount and Village patrons, business people traveling to and from New York City, family and friends traveling for services at M.A. Connell and A.L. Jacobsen Funeral Homes, and attendees for special events at the hotel or events at neighboring country clubs. The boutique hotel could host a banquet room for weddings, parties, conventions, and business gatherings with the convenience of the Huntington train station.

Supporters feel that a hotel would bring tax revenue and would not add a burden to the school district.  Others are concerned that tax abatement deals could be made, as has become common place on Long Island.

Supporters of the hotel idea say they want to see something finally built and that this would be a better option than empty parking lots. However the parking lots are currently used and would have to be replaced in another plan.

Others are less enthusiastic and are jaded by the deceit and empty promises of the past surrounding the Huntington Station revitalization.

While we haven’t come across anyone who is adamantly opposed to the idea of a boutique hotel, there is cynicism surrounding the project and concern over the rezoning that is being requested.  Some even feel the hotel concept is another ploy that is being used to change the zoning to allow for higher density and that a hotel will never be built.

Renaissance is asking for a zoning change to allow for hotels in the entire Huntington Station Overlay District (see map below). They are requesting this zoning change to take place even before a feasibility study has been completed. They claim this is necessary because it will give them other options within the Overlay District to build the hotel if it turns out that it cannot be built on the parcel they are currently considering. Since this zoning will supposedly be restricted to the Overlay District, some feel this logic is questionable. It still limits the placement of the hotel.

Other critics feel this change in zoning would leave any C-6 zoning area in the entire town of Huntington vulnerable to higher density zoning.

Many Huntington Station activists feel that this is simply another ploy to bring taller buildings and high density housing to the Huntington Station community. They feel it is too easy to call something a boutique hotel and then change it to a housing development or anything else after it is built.

Other objections expressed include that this is not a logical first step to revitalization. Some feel the comminity needs to become a destination first before people will go out of their way to spend the night or vacation in Huntington Station.

Perhaps the most cynicism comes from the fact that most active residents do not believe this was a grass roots effort and they are confused as to why it is being presented as such.  We have made many attempts to reach out to individuals who have been active in the Huntington Station revitalization scene and most are scratching their head as to where this idea came from.

At the source the station website, community members can post their ideas.  If there is enough interest in an idea by other community members, Renaissance Downtowns will begin a process to see if the idea can be incorporated into the revitalization plans.

The idea of a boutique hotel was posted on the Source the Station website on September 4th, 2012 by someone named Wayne. Since then he has acquired 66 likes for the idea.  We have been unsuccessful in finding Wayne. Representatives from Renaissance were not sure exactly who Wayne is.

If approved, anyone wishing to build a hotel will be required to go through an approval process. Some requirements include; before a hotel can be approved it must be connected to a public sewer district; the property must be at least one acre in size, the hotel must be close to the street sidewalk to promote interactions with other commercial businesses and access to mass transportation, and shall not be located in the center of the property surrounded by parking lots.

The public hearing is scheduled during the town board meeting on December 10, 2013 at 7:00 p.m. at Huntington Town Hall.

Huntington Station C-6 Overlay District

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2 Responses to Public Hearing Scheduled To Include Hotels In Zoning Code

  1. There are 103 submitted ideas on Source the Station website. Why is this one cherry picked out with only 66 likes when there are 22 other ideas with MORE likes than this one? The only “idea” needing a zone change is the first one we are having being done? Why?

    November 25, 2013 10:28 am at 10:28 am

  2. While I am not specifically opposed to the idea of a hotel on this property, it would not have been my first choice. I understand the need to generate money, and I hope this does get built and can be the cornerstone of a new downtown Huntington Station, with the following requirements:
    No taller than the HCFAS next door
    No tax abatement’s or P.I.L.O.T.’s
    A community room for gatherings
    Enough underground parking to compensate for lost parking
    Ground level storefronts along NY Ave.

    The school district could use the additional income. I think the community could benefit from some aspects of this.Perhaps the talent performing at the Paramount would stay here instead of the Hilton in Melville??

    matt harris
    November 26, 2013 6:45 pm at 6:45 pm

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