Raia Reacts To State of The State

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Statement from Assemblyman Andrew Raia:

Assemblyman Andrew Raia

Assemblyman Andrew Raia

I am pleased by the governor’s willingness to address the need to cut taxes for our diligent, hard-working middle class families. I hope the governor places a special emphasis on the kind of property tax relief that would energize the Long Island economy.

That being said, while we heard many grandiose ideas and promises, I will remain skeptical until we see the Governor’s Executive Budget proposal. Also, while New York is in fact moving forward, Gov. Cuomo failed to recognize many issues plaguing our state today such as the poor implementation of Common Core and the copious amounts of unfunded mandates that are destructive to all of Long Island’s local governments.

They can only thrive when they receive their fair share of state funding.

I begin this legislative session with a renewed enthusiasm for building strong families and strong communities in Suffolk County.

To see a video of Assemblyman Raia’s reaction, click here.

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