3 Gain Eagle Court of Honor – Troop 78 Huntington

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 Eagle Scout is the highest advancement rank in Boy Scouting.

  • In 2012, the centennial year of the Eagle Scout Award, 57,976 Scouts earned the Eagle Scout rank—more than in any previous year.
  • From 1912 to 2012, more than 2 million Boy Scouts earned the Eagle Scout rank.
  • Around 7 percent of all Boy Scouts earned the Eagle Scout rank in 2012.
  • In 2012, the average age of boys earning the Eagle Scout rank was 17 years of age.

Eagle Scout Rank

  • To earn the rank, a Boy Scout must:
    • Progress through the ranks in the following order:
      • Tenderfoot
      • Second Class
      • First Class
      • Star
      • Life
      • Eagle
    • Earn 21 merit badges, including:
      • First Aid
      • Citizenship in the Community
      • Citizenship in the Nation
      • Citizenship in the World
      • Communications
      • Environmental Science or Sustainability
      • Personal Fitness
      • Camping
      • Family Life
      • Personal Management
      • Emergency Preparedness or Lifesaving
      • Cycling, Hiking, or Swimming
    • Serve six months in a troop leadership position.
    • Plan, develop, and give leadership to a service project for any religious organization or any school or community.
    • Take part in a Scoutmaster conference.
    • Successfully complete an Eagle Scout board of review.
Chad Lupinacci. Rosen-Packard, Riley, Hermer-Fried

Chad Lupinacci. Rosen-Packard, Riley, Hermer-Fried


Assemblyman Chad Lupinacci (R,C,WF,I-Huntington Station) recently attended the Eagle Court of Honor for

Richard Hermer-Fried,

Benjamin Noah Rosen-Packard,

John Riley.

All three young men are members of Troop 78 in Huntington.

“Richard, Benjamin and John all demonstrated an immense sense of hard work and dedication during their time in the Boy Scouts program, and receiving their Eagle Scout badges is a testament to their perseverance,” said Lupinacci. “The Court of Honor was also an opportunity for all three to be honored for their good deeds and service to the community. However, it was also a way for each of the young men to say thank you to their scoutmaster, fellow scouts, family and friends for the time and support they provided over the years. I was honored to celebrate with Richard, Benjamin, John, their troop mates, friends and family on this important occasion, and I applaud their accomplishments.

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